Find the right cargo bike sharing solution for your business

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Full Services

The following list contains services who offer everything your business needs in order to run a cargo bike sharing fleet. These services offer cargo bikes, sharing hardware and sharing software in one package.


No switching of batteries thanks to inductive charging
Strong anti theft protection because locked to station
Automated rental process using the Sigo app
Hotline and mail support (well visible in app)
No bicycle insurance: cyclist is liable for any damage if it is not protected by his/her private liability insurance
Not suitable for assisted long distance trips: Sigo estimates a battery range of 40km in summer, up to 30km in winter and battery can't be charged at other bike charging stations.

Sigo is a full service provider from Darmstadt, Germany who developed its own electric cargo bike and charging station, which are both optimizied for sharing purposes. Sigo's cargo bike fleet can be found in residential neighborhoods. The maximum cargo weight is 60kg and two seat belts allow for a transport of up to two children. The charging station is fixed to the ground and connected to the electricity grid. When the rear wheel of the sigo cargo bike is placed between the two charging pillars, the bike is automatically locked and inductive charging technology charges the bike's battery wirelessly. The rental process can be controlled using the Sigo app for Android and iOS. Reservations can be made 30 minutes in advance of a rental. The battery assisted range with 40km during summer and up to 30km in winter is not very high. However, if your target group mainly wants to use cargo bikes for shopping trips, this might not be a problem.


Automated rental process using the Likebike app
Likebikes can be returned to any likebike station
24/7 Hotline and mail support
Batteries must be swapped & charged manually by staff
No bicycle insurance: cyclist is liable for any damage if it is not protected by his/her private liability insurance

Likebike is a full service provider from Schwarz Group (Lidl, Kaufland) and currently operates an electric cargo bike fleet in Tübingen, Germany. The cargo bikes used are Riese & Müller Packster 60. Likebikes can be rented using their app for Android or iOS. Likebikes can be returned to any likebike station. Likebike is currently a one year pilot project and its continuation will be decided in 2021. On the software side, Likebike uses Moqo.

Call a Bike

Operates public cargo bike fleets but offers businesses private cargo bike fleets as well
Offer a mix of cargo bikes and regular bicycles
Big fleets across Germany where your business can benefit from by simply adding a station to an existing network.
Many users mention technical issues in their app ratings

Call a Bike is a bike hire system run by Deutsche Bahn in several German cities. Since April 2020 Call a Bike operates an electric cargo bike fleet in Stuttgart (Regiorad Stuttgart) and Hamburg (Stadtrad Hamburg). But Call a Bike also offers businesses their own cargo bike fleets or stations. Their cargo bikes can carry up to 60kg cargo weight, 45kg in the front box and 15kg in the back. Two seat belts make it possible to carry up to two children. Cargo bikes are located at stations where they have to be returned to after a ride. Cargo bike reservation options differ from fleet to fleet depending on the operator's preferences. Each cargo bike fleet has a different app, see Regiorad Stuttgart: Android & iOS and Stadtrad Hamburg: Android & iOS.


Your business can start a membership to offer your employees free use of nextbikes.
Nextbike has experiences with operating big fleets
They have custom offers for universities and options for sponsoring
Do not offer private fleets for businesses

Nextbike is a German company that develops and operates a public bike sharing fleet of around 30.000 bicycles in countries around the world. In Germany, nextbike also offers cargo bikes in Norderstedt und Konstanz with their TINK project. Beyond TINK, nextbike started to operate a cargo bike fleet in Ettlingen. Their fleets consists of electric cargo bikes as well as cargo bikes without assistance. Up to two children can be transported. Cargo bikes have o be returned to their origin station. All B2B offers from nextbike can be found here.

Cargo Bikes only

The following list contains manufacturers who have a track record of customizing cargo bikes for business customers.

  • Berliner Lastenrad

Berliner Lastenrad

Berliner Lastenrad is a cargo bike from PEDALPOWER GmbH. The bike frame is constructed in a way that enables it to be combined with a big variety of cargo boxes which are customizable. For this reason they can be tailored to the needs of different businesses, such as mobile craftsmen, gardeners and many other local businesses who are looking for flexible and sustainable transportation. cargo bikes are known for being branded and are widely used from "Freie Lastenräder" initiatives all around Germany.

Soft- & Hardware



Obalu is a bike sharing software and hardware provider. One of their customers is

Sharing Hardware


Sharing Software

Commons Booking

Free software
Backed by a strong community in Germany
Wordpress plugin allows for integration of rental process on your own initative's website
Little automation: Tenants need to print out and fill out a document for every booking
Tenant is bound to opening times of partners who host cargo bikes

Commons Booking is a booking platform that enables you in offering a free rental of cargo bikes or other items. It is a free open source Wordpress plugin. In Germany it is used by more than 100 initiatives in over 90 cities. is a union of all of these commons cargobike initiatives. Next to working on the plugin, also provides an online knowledge base around how to get started and run a free cargo bike initiative.


No fixed costs: If none of your bicycles is booked you don't have to pay anything. Costs are performance-based.
Wordpress plugin allows for integration of rental process on your business website
Intransparent price structure: Tenants first see lower rental prices and are surprised by fees added just before making a request.

Listnride is an online peer to peer bicycle rental platform founded in 2017. Listnride has no monthly fees but keeps a commission of every booking. Their commission currently is 14.5 percent. If you offer your bike for 20€ per day (including VAT), a tenant will have to pay 22.9€. Your business can also implement the rental of your bicycles on your own website using the listnride Wordpress plugin. You can set daily and weekly rent prices for your bicycles and are able to approve or reject a booking request. Tenants can rate your bicycles and your rental process with 1 to 5 stars while you are also able to rate your experience with a tenant. Listnride operates in many EU countries, Switzerland, South Africa and the USA, have a look at their country list.


Moqo Shared Mobility is a shared mobility software developed from Digital Mobility Solutions GmbH in Aachen. Moqo offers a software for sharing electric scooters, kickscooters, bicycles and cars. Furthermore it offers a ride sharing solution. Its bike sharing software is for example used by <a href"#likebike">Likebike. Moqo works with partners to offer locks compatible with their software.


Freetrailer was founded in 2004 with a business model based on renting trailers for free. Their trailers that can be rented for free - and independently of a purchase - from their partners in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. The reason why the rental is free is that their partners get more attention and although the trailer rental is free, they might be on tenants minds when it comes to other products and services they offer. The freetrailer app is available for Android, iOS and in Huawei's app gallery. There is no explanation on how to become a freetrailer partner so we recommend you reach out to them by phone or e-mail.


Wundermobility provides software, vehicles and services to cities and companies, helping them launch and scale new mobility services. Their app can be tailored to become your own app for your fleet. Their app is used by customers such as FREE NOW, emmy sharing and Green mobility.